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Some Don’t Want To Work

So many pretenders not enough workers. If you really want something bad you will work for it. Your work ethic shows. If you show up and you just kind of want it because everyone else does... it’s noticeable.

Dont just workout to post a dope video on Instagram. That’s the biggest joke when guys get to the field and they spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour filming and then they go home. Then they post their video of pointless drills with a caption “no days off”. You might as well not even call yourself an athlete. The real work is done when nobody is watching. You don’t make a post or have to talk about it. If you really want to surprise people or to prove people wrong, work in silence. Then it will be even a bigger shock. Workout for the game not the gram. I am not knocking athletes posting videos but It is a complete joke to me when you are worrying about who likes your picture and who tells you to keep

working hard rather than actually working your ass off. Don’t pretend. You don’t want success at all. You just want a fun 4 years and to get some attention and that’s it. You don’t want to win games. You need to work your face off and actually improve before you get the right to post a video. The ones who actually grind and show up on Friday nights are the ones who did the work.

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