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Stare Adversity In a The Face

Everybody has people against them or things that don’t go their way. And it is all a test.

Perfect example was last night, I am sure all of you heard about the Giants draft pick, Daniel Jones. At first I was scratching my head. But looking back I am turning into a fan of this guy because he has an opportunity to shut the entire world up. Every single ESPN “expert” is doubting this guy. Nobody gives him a chance. I personally think this can work in his favor. Doubt is fuel. If he rises to the occasion we have an opportunity to see one of the greatest success stories of all time. That is how some of you need to approach the game. If you get any kind of doubt or adversity a lot of guys run from it. Don’t do that. Daniel Jones has nowhere to run. He has to face this. If it ruins him they will all say they were right but if he succeeds he can sit at the top and laugh. That is what you guys need to do. I have people Constantly telling me that they want to go D1 but they have somebody doubting them and it ruins them. Who cares? Their opinion is irrelevant. You need to ignore the noise. Stay true to yourself and your work ethic much like Daniel Jones has to do. Don’t run from anything. You should seek adversity because adversity is the recipe for success.

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