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Summer Football Conditioning Test

A lot of you are approaching summer football and below we are going to give you a conditioning test that you can do to see if you are in football shape. I hope this is able to help!

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(If you are a lineman- add 8 seconds to each one of these sprints)


3x200yd sprints (under 28 seconds)

Walk 100yds for rest


3x100yd sprints (under 15 seconds)

Walk 100yds for rest


5x40yd sprints (under 6 seconds) 

Walk 40yds for rest

Also, if you play WR and would like a 2 month daily workout schedule to follow, checkout the link below! We give you 8 weeks of field route running workouts (sets & reps/video examples included), 8 weeks of WR specific gym workouts (sets/reps/examples includes) and a 1 Month speed development workout plan to do. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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