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The BIGGEST SCAMS In College Recruiting

Below we will be discussing the 2 BIGGEST SCAMS in the college football recruiting world that you should stay away from. I hope this can help! 

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1)- NCSA. They are probably the most popular “recruiting service” but have zero credibility in the college world. If you are thinking about NCSA I would find any college coach, JUCO coach, or high school coach that is not affiliated with IMG Academy and ask their opinion on them. They will refer to them as “street agents” AKA guys who just want your money. They will try to get kids to sign up for their thousand dollar recruiting service and then just send them a bunch of spam camp invites. They will have you sign up for a profile, then they sell your info to smaller colleges so the colleges can send you an “invite” to spend $300 on a camp. The colleges do it as a form of marketing so they can make money. So NCSA is not only making money off of your membership, they are making money from the colleges. They will not tell you that you aren’t good enough to play college ball and they won’t tell you that you need too invest your money into training so you can actually start. They will tell you that with freshman or JV film you can “get recruited”. Which is simply not the case. You need someone who you can trust in the recruiting process. Not some salesman. 

2)- “Exposure Camps”.

The “You Are Athlete” camps, the “Rivals” combines etc. are all scams. The rivals showcase is not, I just want to make that clear- where you actually do drills and compete. Any off brand camp that claims to get you exposure and get you noticed is probably in it for the money. They have as much credibility as NCSA. Just think about this- every single college has a recruiting department… they invest MILLIONS of dollars into flying coaches to all 50 states to scout talent, attend games, talk to players etc. WHY WOULD THEY EVER TAKE ADVICE FROM SOME COMPANY who just hosted a 2- hour combine/camp? College coaches have already done their homework. They work 24/7 in the off season on recruiting. College coaches talk to your high school coaches not some John Doe from Texas who has a combine every year. It’s all for hype and it’s all for money.

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