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There Is No Secret Formula

A lot of athletes believe that there is some magic recruiting service or tip that will get them recruited by a big Division 1 school. That could be the furthest thing from the truth. It’s going to take a lot more than NCSA.

I am not knocking NCSA, they can do some good for athletes I guess but I believe they aren’t going to get you recruited. The only person who is going to get you recruited is you. Period. You have to work your face off every single day. That’s the only way. You can sign up for every single recruiting service in the world and you won’t get a single offer if you don’t have the skills. The work you put in determines the offers you will get. It’s that simple. There is no secret. The only secret is that it is going to suck sometimes. Some days you won’t want to work but you have to anyways. The hard work isn’t pretty. It’s not all about posting your videos to Instagram and hanging out with your boys. What do you do when nobody is there? The lonely work. Anybody can work hard with scouts or cameras. But what do you do when nobody is watching?

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