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Tips For WRs To Prepare This Season

How WRs can prepare for this season is by doing the following, knowing when to execute certain moves in a route and what goes into the technique of the route so you can be smooth. Anybody can do all of the fancy drills and all of the cool footwork/ladder drills but they don’t know how to apply it in game and that is the biggest fault of most players. When they get to the game they forget everything they worked in the off season. However having a high football IQ and knowing what DBs are supposed to do helps you develop that. If you don’t already I suggest studying tape of NFL DBs and how they play. It’s a great way to tap into the mind of the opponent. Now, lastly, you need to know the specifics of each route you run so you can structure a release or move at the top of the route to it. So for example you need to know that a speed out 8-10 yds is off your 3rd inside step, so when you structure a release you know that in order to maintain your timing off that release you gotta break off of your 3rd inside. If you want a booklet discussing what you need to do on the entire route tree (1-9) and the more advanced routes you will see in the collegiate and NFL level, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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