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Top 3 Qualities Of A D1 WR

The main thing D1 WRs have obviously is speed, size and technique. If you are going to play at the next level you need to have at least 2/3 of those things. If you maybe aren’t the tallest or the biggest, you better be the fastest and the most technically sound. Those are all things that can be improved on if you are doing the correct work. If you don’t pass the eye test you need to work on your speed and route running/catching ability. Let’s say you pass the eye test, you need to work on your technique so you can separate yourself from other recruits who are your size. Everyone at the D1 level was the best athlete on their high school team, so your pure athleticism won’t be the only thing that you can use to make plays. You need to be technically sound! If you aren’t sure what drills & workouts in the gym you need to do to get to this next level checkout the link below! We are now offering an ULTIMATE WR TRAINING SCHEDULE! It is a 4 week workout plan with all the specific drills WRs need to do on the field and all of the specific workouts WRs need to do in the gym. The drills/exercises are all broken down into sets and reps & each drill is explained in a 30 minute instructional video. We also show a full speed example of each one. Each drill is a GAME REALISTIC drill that will help you on the field and each workout will help you improve your overall speed, explosiveness, power and strength! Check it out here to take your game to the next level!⬇️⬇️

The second quality that all D1 WRs have is they understand how to take what a DB gives them. A lot of people don’t understand how to run routes and the IQ that goes behind it. For example, let’s say you are running a corner route and you’re up against a DB who is outside leverage, an inexperienced WR will force the outside release and get completely re routed. A D1 WR will take what the DB gives him and take the inside release. You either work to re stack, hit him with a rocker step or can throw by. It’s all based on how he plays it. You need to take what the DB gives you in order to play at the next level. You can get separation on every route with an inside or outside release if it is ran correctly!

The last thing D1 WRs do that average WRs don’t do is that they can make plays after the catch. Obviously you will get guys who are more of a possession receiver and that is fine, but in high school, in order to get to that next level you need to showcase on film that you are a playmaker. So when the ball is in your hands your mindset should be to score. If you get in the secondary you should score. D1 schools are offering kids 100s of thousands of dollars in scholarships so they are going to want the best play makers on their team. They want the best guys because coaching football is how the put food on the table and if they don’t recruit the best guys they lose their job. So make sure you can showcase your play making abilities with the ball in your hands!

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