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Use Our Online Service During The Season

You can’t just workout super hard in the off season and expect your skill level to stay the same throughout the year, you need to touch up your game even during the season. That is why I made my online training service.

I know when I played I would always see guys start to lose a lot of their skill towards the end of the season because practicing just at school or with your team is not enough. My service is mainly focused on film breakdowns. While in the off season you send me training videos for breakdowns, during the season you can send me actual film from your games and I break it down. It is almost like we are sitting in a film room together. I provide audio and video editing of your film and it will get back to you within 1 day. Film study is a crucial part to improving during the season. I hope you can sign up and let me help you the rest of this off season as well as during the season! Click our “Plans and Pricing” tab to get started.

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