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What College Scouts Look For In SLOT WRs

As a slot WR you need to be able to do 3 things to stand out to a college scout. The first thing is improve your speed and explosiveness. To play in the slot at the next level you need to be explosive and fast. If you don’t have those two attributes, especially as a slower guy, you cannot play at the next level against some of the best competition out there. If you would like 90 days of WR workouts to improve speed and explosiveness, checkout the link below!

The second thing as a slot WR that college coaches look for is catching ability. As a slot they are going to ask you to run a lot of routes over the middle and routes up the seam where you may be forced to make some tough catches and grabs. If you can display on your high school highlight tape that you can make the tough catches look easy and catch the ball with multiple defenders around you, you will be way more appealing to college coaches.

And last but not least, you need to have a high football IQ to play slot at the next level. Like I mentioned above, you will be asked to run a lot of routes over the middle and you will be asked to sit in certain zone coverages. So you need to know how to efficiently do that. Know how to read coverages, linebackers and safeties. In college it is not that complex what you will see, so you need to always be on the same page as your QB.

Make sure if you are slot WR you work on your explosiveness/speed, catching ability and football IQ this off season if you are serious about getting recruited!

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