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What I HATE About Coaches

The type of coach that I don’t like is the one who can’t stay off their phone. They are more concerned about getting some film of the workout to upload to Instagram then actually coaching their players. So if you are going to a workout session with a coach for the first time and he is more concerned with his content than you getting better, RUN! He is just in it to take your money. Everyone always asks me why I don’t post videos of training my athletes. I only do it occasionally when the athlete wants to be filmed. Reason for it is because I want my content to actually teach you something. Too many guys post drills and the viewers have no idea what the hell is going on because he doesn’t take time to explain it or show anything. So if your coach spends more time on his phone then engaged with you, probably not the best guy to work with. I’m not knocking anybody’s hustle. You do you, but damnit why are you even a coach if you bring the film crew out and have your guys do pointless drills so you look cool on social media. GET OVER YOURSELF. If you’re gonna be a social media guy, try teaching and actually giving value instead of being selfish and just posting cool drills your guys do that give no benefit.

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