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Below we will be discussing FAKE OFFERS AND NON COMMITTABLE OFFERS. I hope this can help! 

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So a fake offer is deemed an “non committable offer”. Essentially it’s a verbal agreement which does not bind the university to hold up their end of the agreement if they don’t want to. This is probably the most common form of a “scholarship offer” in todays recruiting world. So many players don’t understand that colleges don’t have unlimited money and scholarships to give out. They can only sign a certain amount of players each year. And they don’t sign someone at every single position. And also, you cannot receive an OFFICIAL OFFER until the summer before your junior year of high school. So any offer you see before then is a non committable offer. Now why do schools do this? They do it to get a head start on certain players who they think might be really good, they do it for publicity and they do it for money. Yes you read that right… money. There are assistant coaches in the college football world who will get paid thousands to give out “offers” to kids. Parents pay them the money so their kid can look special and other coaches might be interested. But when those other coaches find out their kid is not that good… they aren’t going to offer anyways. It’s all a big scam and parents care way too much about appearances. That strategy has never worked if your kid can’t back it up with skills. Kids who get recruited early on usually deserve it. But it’s honestly just a case of “who you know”. Some private trainers act like they are these really well connected guys and know all of these college coaches but guys, if you aren’t very good… it doesn’t matter how many people your trainer/7on7 coach knows. He may get you some “offers” verbally, but on paper they mean absolutely nothing. Colleges invest millions a year into recruiting. Flying coaches around etc. So why would they take the advice of some guy who is friends with an assistant coach? They wouldn’t. The assistant coach usually doesn’t even have he power to give an official offer. So don’t get caught up in that game. If you are talented enough and taking the right steps to get recruited-you will get recruited. It doesn’t matter when or how many offers you have as an 8th grader. What matters is the performance you can give when the pads come on. What your game film shows can’t be replaced by hype or anything. These fake offer people might get a lot of hype early on… but none of it matters until signing day. When you sign to a school and get a real legitimate offer- then you know you have accomplished something. But until that day, you have to keep your head down and continue to grind. 

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