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What WRs Should Do In The Off Season

WRs need to make sure they are doing 2 specific things this off season to help their skills improve. 1) I cannot say it enough, WRs need to be doing GAME REALISTIC drills. It’s not just about doing all of the ladder and cone drills and doing all of the fancy footwork. You need to be practicing what you will execute in the game. I think it is the dumbest form of training when you are doing things that you will never apply when it matters. And it matters when the bright lights are on and it’s gameday. Make sure you are doing drills that emphasize the details like foot placement, hip drop, stride, pad level and the list goes on. And also make sure you know THE REASON WHY behind each drill. If you don’t know why you are doing a certain drill or movement, you will never learn how to apply it. 2) The second thing WRs need to be doing in the gym is actually try to lift as a WR not a bodybuilder. So many guys make this mistake. WRs should be emphasizing explosiveness, speed, power and strength. Not getting a bigger chest by doing chest flies or light bench press for reps. You need to be lifting for performance. Power cleans, jump squats etc. or anything explosive will help you tremendously. 1 leg exercises will help with cutting and stability for route running. There are so many great things you can do that will give you results on the field, just often times athletes don’t know what they are. If you would like to see a 4 week workout schedule made for WRs with all of the gym exercises you need to do broken down & all of the field drills exercises you need to do, checkout the link below! We give you the daily drills & lifts you can do with all sets/reps & workout splits made into a schedule. Also we include an instructional video for each drill explaining the reason why! Click below ⬇️

WE WILL BE IN MIAMI FLORIDA January 8th for our first ever QB/WR/DB training camp! It will be a 4 hour camp for athletes and we will emphasize the mechanics/details of each position, routes vs air to work on timing and game realistic techniques and a portion of the camp will be dedicated to 1on1s & 7on7. This will be a great opportunity for athletes across the USA to come out and compete/ get better! Check it out below ⬇️⬇️

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