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Why You Drop The Ball

So many WRs struggle with their hands. I believe two main reasons you drop the ball can be easily fixed. You don’t look it in and you let the ball hit your palms. Those are what we will be discussing today. I know there are more reasons why you drop the ball but those are the most common I see.

When a WR doesn’t look the ball in, that’s the worst feeling because you know it’s a catchable ball. But it’s an easy fix it’s just going to take reps. You should be catching 100 balls before each workout and focus on looking the ball in each time. Tuck the ball twice, not just once. If you want to improve your hands you have to be dedicated. The nice thing about WR is that you can’t catch the ball too much. QBs can throw too much. They have a limit on how many throws they do before they get tired, but WRs can catch the ball all day every day. So it’s not a hard fix. The second reason, the ball hitting your palm. That’s a little bit harder to fix. But very doable. You need to improve your grip strength. Focus on catching the ball in your fingers not your palms. Again once you improve your grip, it’s going to take reps. 100 catches before each workout. If you can figure out why you are dropping the ball, it’s going to be that much easier to improve. Look the ball all the way in and improve your grip strength. Having a strong grip is essential for any WR, and then you will be able to rep your hand technique.

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