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Workouts WRs Can Do EVERYDAY

Today we are going to talk about 3 types of workouts that WRs Can Do everyday!

The first thing that WRs can do is work on their hands. Your hands are something that you can constantly rep day in and day out. Doing grip strength exercises, hand eye coordination drills and repetition with a QB is the best thing for WRs who need better hands. Make sure you are on a strict regimen to develop your catching skills. The second thing WRs can do throughout the week is gym position specific work. Obviously this isn’t something you can do everyday because your body will be worn out but you can do something for your physicality everyday. Let’s say you lift 5 days per week, but 7 days per week you are doing stretches that will help with speed and your smoothness out of breaks. So make sure physically you are doing something everyday to help your on field performance. And last but not least, make sure you are doing the CORRECT drills on the field to develop your game. This is another thing that you cannot do 7 days per week because your body will get tired, however when you do get some field work in you need to make sure it is game realistic. Do not do the obstacle course drills or the million ladder drills. You need to be doing things that can translate to an actual game. Emphasize your press releases, route running, eliminating wasted movement, explosiveness, balance and football IQ! If you can consistently do these 3 types of workouts throughout the week, you will see your WR skills grow to a much higher level. It’s all about consistency and getting 1% better everytime you are putting the work in.

If you guys want a 4 week schedule where I map out everything we just talked about checkout the link below for our ULTIMATE WR TRAINING SCHEDULE. It is a 4 week step by step guide with over 300+ drills and exercises mapped into a plan for you to do. We take you through what workouts you should be doing everyday of the week, we talk about rest periods and we include a video breaking down each drill. Check it out here! ⬇️⬇️

WE ARE COMING TO ARIZONA OCTOBER 2nd & 3rd! If you are a QB or WR in the AZ area come out for our 1st annual Arizona clinic! It is a 3 hour clinic focused on developing the skills of the WR/QB positions. Spots are limited to only 20 kids so this will fill up fast! Also we are flying in a D1 speed trainer to help you guys with running form, 40yd dash technique and much more. CHECK IT OUT & SIGN UP HERE ⬇️

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