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WR Football IQ Quiz Part 2

This is a football IQ quiz where we are giving you 3 specific questions to answer on different situations WRs will encounter. Try to test yourself first and then refer to the answers at the bottom of this article.

Question 1: If it is an RPO concept and you are running a slant route, what is a great release that you can use?

Question 2: If A DB is in off man coverage outside leverage (7-8yds) and you have to run a post route, what should you do?

Question 3: If A DB is Playing in zone coverage head up (8-10yds off), how would you run a fade route?

Answers are located below ⬇️

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Answer 1: A slide release would be best. On an RPO concept, a QB is doing a play action fake essentially if he is throwing the ball. So as a WR I cannot get to the window too fast. If I get to the throwing window too quickly, I can get covered by another defender. The timing has to be right with the action In the back field. So that is when you would use a slide release.

Answer 2: When a DB is outside leverage, he is trying to force you inside. AKA he has safety help, so if you are running a post route you don’t want to just run to the inside. You want to attack his leverage, if you attack his leverage outside he will keep his leverage and weave. That creates a bigger throwing lane for the QB between the DB and the safety.

Answer 3: If a DB is in zone 8-10yds off and you want to run a fade, attack him and step on his toes first, then throw a vertical set move to the inside to get him to sit on a post/inside route (a vertical set is essentially like a hard cut inside- could be considered a rocker step). Then you can slip out behind him to his “blind spot” and have space to run the fade. All about closing the distance and threatening inside.

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