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WR Off Season Training Schedule Outline

This is a workout split with some different training methods and outlines you can emphasize on a weekly basis. This does not give you exact exercises but simply an outline of a schedule you can follow.

Monday: Field Work (route running)

Gym Work (Legs/Core)

Tuesday: Field Work (press releases & hands)

Gym Work (upper body push/pull)

Wednesday: Field Off

Cardio Workout

Thursday: Field Work (route Running)

Gym Work (lower body)

Friday: Field Work (press releases & hands)

Gym Work (upper body)

Saturday: Field Work (route tree work)

Gym Work (total body workout)

Sunday: Recovery Day

If you guys would like an 8 WEEK FULL WR FIELD & GYM SCHEDULE CHECKOUT THE LINK BELOW! We include the exact drills and workouts WRs need to be doing on the field and in the gym to improve their skills! We breakdown each drill/gym lift into sets, repetitions rest periods and we include an example of each drill/exercise. This is a 2- month long schedule! Check it out below ⬇️

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