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WR Press DB Quiz

In this quiz we are going to talk about 3 different press coverage scenarios you will see from a DB and I want you to answer why the DB is playing you a certain way. Answers are located at the bottom of this article. Hope this helps!

Question 1) A DB is right up on the line of scrimmage not giving you any space. What is his goal of this coverage and what is a press release you can use to beat him?

Question 2) A DB is on the Goaline 2-3yds off of you and he’s inside shade. Why is he playing inside shade and what is he not allowed to do on the Goaline in man coverage?

Question 3) The DB is outside shade 1-2 yds off and his eyes are on you, is this man coverage or Cover 2? And why would he play this way?

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Answer 1) The goal of this is to screw up timing with you and your QB. So he will try to get hands on you to do that. If he’s going to lunge at you, 2 releases you can use in this case are a split release or a QUICK step back release- do not waste a ton of tim