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WRs Need This To Play In College

WRs often hear about speed, 40 time, the “eye test” etc. but one thing that a lot of people don’t talk about for WRs when it comes to recruiting is football IQ. Football IQ is how a lot of undersized players like Cooper Kupp, Hunter Renfrow, Julian Edelman etc. get noticed. As a WR to make yourself valuable you need to always be open. Whether that is against zone or whether that is against man coverage. You need to know the reason why DBs play a certain way and how to efficiently beat that coverage. So many WRs at the high school level get away with running around guys because they are just big and fast. But if you’re on the slower or smaller side you obviously don’t have that luxury. So you need to stand out in your own way. As WRs we should be watching more film than the QBs on the team. You should know what releases, what routes and what passing concepts will work best against the team you are playing. So when it’s game day you can execute and make big plays. Watching film is like an open book/open note test. You already know the answers going in. If you guys would like to learn how to watch film correctly as a WR checkout the link below ⬇️

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