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3 Double Move Route Tips

On double move routes it’s very important that you do a couple of things. Commit your eyes and sell the route with your hips a long with keeping your speed. Let’s say for example you are running a post corner, when you break to the post you want to snap your eyes to the QB. Everyone loves the phrase “eyes tell lies” however that’s not all you must do. If you commit your shoulders and hips to the post that’s more likely to draw a corner in or a safety. A disciplined DB is taught to watch the hips not eyes. So you gotta do both. And if you shoot your eyes and shoulders your hips will be along for the ride. Lastly you want to keep speed into the break. Keep your arms driving and the same stride. If you’re running a post corner and the three steps to the post are very choppy, nobody is believing you’re running a post. It’s all body language. If you guys want a booklet with talk of the technique behind each route in the route tree AND the advanced routes that build off the tree like the squirrel route and Dino route, click the link below to get info on our route tree E book. ⬇️⬇️

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