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3 Keys To Getting Separation

The first key to getting separation is by making everything look the exact same. Come off the line with the same speed, pad level, and eyes. Once the DB starts to feel your timing, change up the tempo of the route or the release. Either way it will get you open and keep the DB on his toes the entire game The 2nd key to getting open is by creating energy at the top of the route. I see too many guys get to the top of their breaks and they “sit down” and beat the drum and their hips are SOFT. You want your hips to be violent because that’s the only way you can change direction from running full speed. This doesn’t give an indicator to the DB, when you slow down, trust me the DB will slow down too. And last but certainly not least, you need to accelerate out of the break. So what if you did the first 2 things I mentioned, if you don’t continue to get space out of the break by pumping your arms, the DB will recover and we will lose separation. Drive and pump your arms out of the break.

If you want some At Home Drills to work on all of this, click the link below ⬇️

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