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3 Throwing On The Run Tips

3 tips for throwing on the run are the following: you want to step with your throwing side foot, close your shoulders and trust your hands. When you throw on the run you want to step with your throwing side foot in the direction of the throw. That’s your accuracy/hip drive. Your toes have to be cutting off the target no matter what the throw is. Now as you step your throwing side leg you have to close your front shoulder, this will create dissociation or torque. It will give you more velocity on the ball because you already have momentum because you are running, now you are just directing that momentum when you step and your shoulders are the icing on the cake. Now you can’t just throw and expect the ball to get there, you have to emphasize your wrist flick, almost like you are throwing at a dart board. Trust your hands. If you do everything mentioned above and trust your hands you will throw an accurate ball with velocity. If you want more advanced tips for throwing on the run and all aspects of the QB position, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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