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3 Tips For Smaller WRs

When you are a short WR there are a couple of things that you can do to make yourself compete with the other receivers on the team, 1) understand releases and when to use range to get open. The most common question I get asked every day is how can I beat a DB who is bigger and more physical than me, and the answer is always range. If you are a smaller guy you’re gonna beat a DB with quickness not hand fighting. Working hesitation releases, slide releases and anything that sets traps for a DB is some of the best moves you can do off the line. 2) Understand that you need to create space at the top of the route. Smaller guys are known for being faster but you need great technique if you want to be elite. Some of the best guys you can study are Julian Edelman, Antonio brown and even stefon diggs. They run great routes, study how they move at the top of the route. Apply this to your game. Lastly, don’t just accept the fact that your smaller and not as strong as some of these DBs and LBs. Get in the gym, receivers who need to be explosive and get stronger checkout the link below for a full 28 day WR specific workout plan! ⬇️⬇️

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