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3 Tips For WRs Against Press

3 things WRs need to keep in mind when they are against press coverage is the following: don’t try to do too much, make sure your hands are active with your feet, and be able to react. If you try to make things too complicated you will lose. Make things simple on the line, getting off press is not super complicated. Just focus on keeping timing with the QB and go where the DB is not. That is obviously not everything you need to worry about but those are the two key ideas. Now, a lot of guys got the footwork, tempo etc. but don’t have the hand technique. You gotta be able to work your hands and feet at the same time. Attack the DBs points of control which is their elbows, wrists, and forearms. Now, lastly you gotta have a reaction for every press situation, if your plan is to set him up outside and then take an inside release, that should be your thought process coming up to the line, however, the DB can easily just jump inside and screw up the release. That’s why releases are reactionary, if he takes away what you want, don’t panic. Trust your release and trust your moves at the top of the route. You should be able to run every route with an outside or inside release with an exception to quick game routes. A lot of guys know releases but don’t know when to use them, if you want a better understanding of when to use EVERY RELEASE and the technique behind each release, click the link below to get access to a video explaining every single way you can beat press and the situations to use each release. Click below ⬇️⬇️

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