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3 Tips For WRs To NEVER Drop A Pass

The first thing that WRs can do to never drop a pass is trust their eyes. So many guys think that they actually look the ball in when in fact they don’t. You need to see the ball hit your hands. If you don’t take that “freeze frame” or that “picture” the second the ball hits your hands, you will be inconsistent with your catching ability. In practice you should focus on looking every pass in so in a game it happens naturally.

If you want a 30 day catching workout program with all of the specific drills and exercises WRs need to do for better hands... NO QB NEEDED... click below ⬇️ The second thing WRs can do to make sure they never drop a pass is have soft hands. Now, a lot of people don’t exactly know what that means. What that means is you don’t want to let the ball bounce off of your palms. You want to catch that thing in the webbing of your hands. What I mean by that is your fingers. Not the finger tips, that is just as bad. But catch the ball in your fingers for having the softest possible hands.

Last but not least WRs need to improve their grip strength to have consistent catching skills. The last point we talked about was catching the ball in your fingers, however you cannot accomplish that without tremendous grip strength. It will help you make tough catches over the middle and those awkward catches. Focus on doing exercises like farmers carry or finger tip push ups they will help!


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