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3 Tips To Be The BEST WR On Your Team

To be the best WR on your team you need to be able to make big plays. That’s what will make you stand out especially if you are a younger guy who is new to the program. You need to be a playmaker. Under-classmen (Freshman and sophomores) sole focus should be making varsity. Making varsity is the first step to getting recruited officially, and making big plays helps with that. So being able to catch every ball, create separation against man coverage and getting yard after the catch is essential! College coaches care about varsity film, that’s it! How you get great varsity film is you need to be a play maker.

The second thing WRs need to do to be the best is train correctly. As a football player all you ever do is workout, and I’m willing to bet that every WR reading this has done workouts with either a trainer or on their own. But so many WRs are not training properly. They are doing pointless drills that don’t translate to Friday nights. They will do a million ladder and cone footwork drills but if you ask them how to read a DBs leverage, they have no idea. The obstacle course drills where you do a ladder drill, make a square cut then run a whip route don’t do ANYTHING for your game. I see kids who do those drills then they go to the game and freeze up. Football is all about knowing situations and how to execute! If you want a 4 week on field WR training schedule where we give you all of the specific drills WRs need to do to improve their route running, press releases, hands, explosiveness and balance... click below! These are the correct drills that I use with my high school and college WRs that actually translate over to the game! We include a day by day schedule with sets and reps & we also include a 30 minute instructional video where we breakdown each drill! CHECK IT OUT HERE ⬇️⬇️

Lastly, WRs need to be in the classroom just as much as the field. You need to study your opponent more than you study yourself because that’s how you execute on gameday. To be the best WR on your team, in the conference and in your state you need to perform on Gameday rather than at all these camps and 7on7 tournaments. Guess what, nobody cares how many 7on7 tournaments you won, they care about when the pads come on. How you get better with the pads on is having a high football IQ. You should watch film of the DB you are playing that week and the defense itself. You should know what coverage they like to run on 1st,2nd and 3rd down. Know how the DB likes to play on each coverage and what he likes to bite on. This is how you can structure your plan to execute from the technique you learned from the workouts in point 2. All great WRs are like second QBs on the field and they know how to study their opponents!


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