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3 Tips To Beat The Competition At WR

At the WR position there will always be a lot of competition. Everyone wants to play WR but not everyone knows what it takes to play receiver. How you can separate yourself from the other guys you are competing with is by doing the following... the first thing I want to discuss is your IQ. You need to be able to almost read the field the same as the QB. This is uncommon for receivers. Nobody teaches this in the training space. It’s all about recognizing coverages and defenses to know when to use certain releases and moves at the top of the route. Secondly I think having great hands and never dropping a ball is gonna separate you. If your competition is the same as you physically but drops more passes than you, you will get the start. It’s all about being consistent. And last but certainly not least you need to be somewhat explosive and fast to play the receiver position, and yes that can be improved. Nobody wants to make the investment in themselves to improve their speed and athleticism. They just think that’s all they have and it’s all genetics. Completely false, I think everyone gets to a point where they stop evolving in that category but if you’re in high school and college you are not at that point. You can always do more, I didn’t see the biggest gains in my speed until I got out of high school. Speed is developed with what you do on the field (resistance training, hill runs etc.) and how you lift in the gym. Lifting for explosiveness and not high rep low weight movements. Developing your fast twitch muscle fibers with explosive movements will help your speed dramatically improve. If you want a full month long weight room gym plan with specific exercises to make you faster, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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