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3 Tips To Improve Your Snap Down

3 Tips to improve your snap down are the following: first and foremost you need to be violent with your hips. I think that is something that is really overlooked by a lot of guys. They think their hips can be soft but that is not how you change direction running full speed. The only way to decelerate from going full speed is by being as violent as possible with your hips. If you are soft, you will drift. The second thing you need to do is bring your chin to your knee. If you can drop your chin to your knee, you will not lean back on your break, this will cause you to be in an explosive position so you can create energy at the top of the route to shoot you into phase 3 of the route. And lastly is the acceleration portion of a snap down. After you snap and create explosion, you want to run your arms naturally. Don’t beat the drum and chop your steps. Actually run out of the break this will cause you to keep your speed and burst at the top of the route. If you want some more route running tips to dramatically improve your overall game at WR, click the link below! ⬇️

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