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3 Tips To Play Like A D1 WR

The first thing you need to be able to do to play like a D1 WR is run good routes. Yes having great size and speed is super important to play at the next level but for where you lack in the physical traits, you can make up for it with the technical traits. A perfect example is a guy like Jerry Rice or in today’s game Davante Adams. Jerry Rice only ran a 4.6-4.7 40yd dash but is arguably the greatest WR of all time. That was because of his route running. Everything he did was so detailed. He made all of his routes look the same, he eliminated wasted time at the top of the route and he was able to accelerate out of all his breaks. That is what I preach everyday in my videos and when the greatest WR of all time does that, you should do it too.

As I mentioned above, it certainly helps to have good size, explosiveness, quickness and speed to play at the next level. If that’s something a coach wants from you, you need to focus on improving in those areas. You should only focus on the things you can control. You can’t control your height, but you can control your explosiveness, speed and quickness. Those are all areas that ANY athlete can improve. Especially at the WR position you need those things to be successful. Even if you don’t play D1 ball, the goal is to get your education paid for. And if you can show a coach that you can run explosive/quick routes & display speed in/out of breaks you can earn a scholarship if you take care of your business in the classroom. If you need to improve your speed off the ball, explosion at the top of the route and overall athleticism at the WR position checkout the two links below! We have an 8 week and a 4 week WR gym workout plan. We give you the specific exercises, sets and reps to improve your overall game on the field/athleticism. We also include conditioning/speed workouts to improve your endurance and fast twitch muscle fibers. These are all the specific exercises WRs NEED TO DO. Not just random exercises you can find on the internet. Check it out below if you want to take your skills to the next level with our step by step gym schedule⬇️⬇️

8 Week WR Gym Training Program

4 Week WR Gym Training Program

And last but certainly not least, you need to understand your opponent to be successful. So many WRs struggle with this because they are only focused on running their route and that’s it. If they have a fade they just run the fade and hope the QB gives them the ball. They don’t understand that in specific zone coverages the DB won’t let you get behind him and you need to expect a back shoulder throw. Or they don’t understand that in certain coverages the DB is in charge of the flats so you need to settle after you clear him so you don’t get killed by a safety. Little details like this can really take your game to the next level! If you want to be a better WR, learn how to read a defense like a QB

How WRs Can Read Defenses ⬇️