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3 Ways WRs Can Get Offers

The first way WRs can get offered is by showcasing their big play capability on film. Your highlight tape is what gets you recruited. Nothing more and nothing less. Obviously there are some things you need to do to market yourself but if you have the skills to play at the next level, the film doesn’t lie. Show that you can create separation with your routes, make big catches and make big plays after the catch. Those are the specific things college coaches want to see on film. To develop these skills, make sure you are doing the correct training. Focus on your route running, press releases, explosiveness, hands and balance. If you guys want a 4 week workout schedule for WRs that emphasizes all of those things, checkout the link below!

The second thing that will get you offers as a WR is speed and size. If you are on the slower side you better be a bigger receiver. If you are on the shorter side you better be a quick/fast receiver. You can’t be slow and short and expect to play at the next level. So make sure you are doing the things you need to do to work on your speed. Heigh you cannot really control, speed you can control. Make sure you are doing the specific exercises to develop your explosiveness/fast twitch. If you guys want a 4 week workout schedule to improve your 40 time, checkout the link below! ⬇️ Last but not least, GET IN THE FILM ROOM! Do not be that WR who has no clue what’s going on and can only run their route. You need to understand playbooks, defenses and overall passing concepts to play at the next level. If you just go out there and run your route and don’t know the reason why you need to be at a certain spot, you will be lost when the game gets faster. Also this is another great way to play at the next level if you are undersized. If you can outsmart defenders, that will create separation. And separation stands out on tape. If you are serious about playing at the next level, these 3 points we just talked about are essential.

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