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3 Ways WRs Can Improve HAND STRENGTH

Hand strength is super important for WRs when it comes down to catching the ball in tough situations. Whether that is a jump 50/50 ball. But hand strength will help you accomplish any catch on the field. Today we will discuss 3 ways you can improve that

The first way to get a stronger hand is by doing finger tip push ups. It’s literally normal push ups but instead of your whole hand In the ground, you use your fingers to stand up-right. If you can’t do that, do kneeling push ups. That will give you the same benefit and you can work your way up to regular ones.

The second thing you can do for hand strength is farmers carry. Essentially that is when you hold two dumbbells or weighted plates and you just simply walk a certain distance. Trust me, this will improve your hand and grip strength incredibly.

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And last but not least, to improve your hand strength you can do something we call plate flips. That is when you take a weighted plate and you flip it end over end & proceed to catch it in your fingers. This will help you build hand strength when catching objects and that directly translates over to catching a football.

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