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Are College Camps Worth It?

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Today we will be discussing below if college camps are worth attending. I hope this can bring you some light on the entire camp process and what to expect at different college events!  

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So, college camps can be worth it for some athletes and not worth it for other athletes. Most of the time college camps are just a money grab for the school if I’m being honest with you. If they get some recruits out of it and make a couple ten thousand dollars it’s a win win. Know this as a player when you attend. (Notice how I said to still attend) You are not going to walk into a college camp unnoticed and be able to land an offer on the spot. Highly, highly unlikely. But, what you can do is build relationships with coaches that can lead to future offers. If you’re a WR let’s say, and you’re in a group of 20 WRs at the camp… that is a lot of time and reps spent with probably the schools own WR coach. So after the camp I would re introduce yourself and try to grab his Twitter info, email etc. anything you can get. (Twitter is probably easiest). Now this is where a connection can be made. You follow him, follow up message him, send him your film when you get it the next year etc. All can build  a lot of rapport with a coach. And that’s a real relationship. Not a manufactured one from some “recruiting expert” you know. And college coaches will appreciate a real relationship. 

Now some of you, don’t have the money to fly to 8 different states and do 25 camps this off season. Which is completely fine, attending 1-2 camps is totally fine. If you do more than that, great! But honestly you don’t NEED college camps. There is only so much you can show in T-Shirt and shorts. So if you’d rather focus on your improvement and craft this off season, rather than doing the recruiting camp circuit that is totally fine. I bet you a lot of former athletes wished they did that. College camps can be good for some, but for most, your varsity tape holds more weight than a college camp. Use college camps as an introduction or a follow up to a coach that you have already communicated with. 

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