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First Thing Before You Get Recruited

I know you guys have all heard of those 8th grade prodigy’s who get offers before they even enroll in a high school. And that is great! I am glad they get offers and get recognition at such a young age, but that’s not everyone’s journey. People get too caught up in having all this attention so quick. Now what should the average freshman or sophomore in high school focus on when they don’t have any offers? That’s what we are going to talk about today.

You need to focus on getting a good highlight tape first. That’s what matters. If you don’t have the recruiting attention right away, your highlights are going to get you recruited. Fact. Don’t rely on a coach or a recruiting service to do it for you. If a recruiting service says it can get you recruited without any film they are lying to you and just want your money. You need VARSITY film. Not 7on7 or JV film. Colleges want to see if play at the highest level possible. Now some of you will say this isn’t true and that some people have gotten offers off of 7on7 and whatever else. Which is true, I have seen that before, but if they can’t play at the varsity level, you really think they are gonna keep that offer? They will recruit someone else. Most of you know David Sills as one of the top WRs at West Virginia. What some of you don’t know is that in 7th grade he got an offer to play QB at USC, he wasn’t a USC caliber quarterback and guess what happened, he didn’t end up going there because they recruited someone else. They want to see if you can play and help them win games. That is it. So get a good highlight tape, prove to them you can win, and that’s how you will get recruited. Everyone’s journey is different. Don’t try to accomplish everything too fast. Stay in your lane, do the work necessary, and good things will happen. Be patient in this process. If you want to play as far as I think most of you do, this is going to be a long process. So trust it.

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