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“He’s Too Small”

If you are an undersized athlete you need to have supreme confidence or else you will not succeed. And you have to have a work ethic that is unmatched. If you buy into the statement “you are too small”, you will never make it.

The reason why guys like Russell Wilson or Drew Brees have been successful, is because they do everything better than the 6’4 QB. They understand that they have a HUGE disadvantage of being undersized but they don’t let that bring their attitude or goals to a low. They understand they need to work that much harder. I would rather be an undersized QB. They have a chip on their shoulder and they often times work harder. But sometimes they just throw their hands up and say “they are right, I am too small” that’s why you don’t hear of many QBs shorter than 6’0. They bought into what everyone else said.

As a smaller player you need to have confidence through the roof. You need to feel, regardless of size, you are the best player on the field no matter what. If somebody says you are too small, it’s more fuel to the fire. The shorter guys who are successful never feel inferior to anyone. They have a competitive temperament that is unmatched. The fact of the matter is, nobody is TOO SMALL. If you can ball you can ball. Period. Don’t let someone else define you.

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