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How Short WRs Can Dominate

I am constantly asked questions about how Shorter WRs can be successful and that’s what we will be focusing on today. I think the key for shorter guys is that you need to understand how to use range in press and how you can create space at the top of the route. Going up against physical DBs can be challenging as a short guy but use your size and quickness to your advantage. You need to be quick if you are under sized. So doing releases against physical guys like a step back release or a hesi release or a split release can all get you separation. You want to use “range” as I like to call it. Like for example on a slide release, a good range to use is attacking the DBs outside on a 45 degree angle. Don’t go too flat because he will shuffle and you don’t threaten him vertically and don’t get to close to him because he can get hands on you while in a good base. Attack at that 45 degree angle and it forces him to either lunge if he wants to get hands or shuffle with you. And when he lunges, he loses his base. That’s when short guys can use their suddenness and quickness to get open. If you want a 4 week gym and field training schedule combined to improve your overall game at WR.. click below! ⬇️

Now shorter guys need to understand that your separation comes at the top of the route. Off the line you need to be concerned with not getting re routed and keeping timing. Short guys have a tough time keeping timing with their QB because they usually get jammed but if you understand range and how to effectively beat press you can get up into the route and create space at the top. Make sure you know what moves can work like a rocker step, square cut or peak back method. Win at the top of the route, keep timing off the line!


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