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How Short WRs Can Get NOTICED

Smaller WRs are often over looked and today we are going to discuss 3 things smaller WRs can do to get noticed by either their own coach or a college scout.

As a shorter receiver you need to have a very very high football IQ. Obviously you are at a disadvantage before the ball is snapped but if you can out smart your opponent, you will be able to create enough separation to get the ball. Perfect example is Julian Edelman and his career. Now how can you do this? Film study is super important. Know what the DBs responsibilities will be based on their pre snap alignment so you can organize your plan off the line accordingly. For example if they are inside shade press, you know they are going to want to get physical and not give up the inside, so you can threaten to the inside and just take the outside release. As a smaller guy you don’t want to force anything. Take what the DB gives you and you will know what he is giving you based off of having a high football IQ/studying the defender.

The second thing smaller WRs need to understand is that the little things, ARE NOT little. When you are competing for an offer, a roster spot or just a chance to compete you need to do the little things better than the 6’0+ WRs on the team. By little things I mean getting in and out of routes smooth, eliminating time at the top of the break, being able to beat press and catching every ball thrown your way. Also blocking is super important! These are all things that they look for at the next level in WRs. If you can stand out in these areas you can separate yourself from the competition. Now if you aren’t sure how you should work on these things, checkout the link below for a 4 week workout schedule for WRs specifically! It is all focused on the details of the positon and we give you the specific on field drills to improve your route running, press releases, catching and overall explosiveness. We break the plan up into 28 days with specific sets and reps along with a 30 minute instructional video breaking down each drill and a full speed example of it. CHECK IT OUT HERE! ⬇️⬇️

The last thing short WRs need to improve on is their speed. Short guys who can’t move quickly and generate explosion off the line and at the top of the route cannot make it. You are already undersized so you need to bring some attributes to the table athletically. If you can’t do that you won’t be able to play at the next level. Speed is something you can improve on. You should be working explosive movements in the gym, resistance training and stretching to all improve your speed. Everyone at the next level is fast, but if you are undersized you must bring a lot of speed to the table in order to stand out as a short WR

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