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How Short WRs Can Get Offers

If you are on the shorter side, getting to the college level is not impossible. If you are in the 5’7-5’10 range D1 ball is possible if you can do these things below. If you are shorter than that, it’s going to be much harder but not impossible, but the goal at the end of the day for most athletes should be to get their education paid for. As a shorter guy, you need to fall in love with the process. You need to love the details of the WR position because that’s what the big guys can get away with. They can run lazy routes, not sell vertical etc. and still make plays because of their size. As a short WR we dont have that luxury. We need to be constantly working to create separation and need to be focused on the little details of route running like the stem, eliminating time at the top of the route and accelerating out of breaks. If you guys can do those things when it comes to route running, you can separate yourself from another receiver that school might be recruiting who is bigger than you. You need to find a way to stand out in the crowd if you are a short guy. If you guys want a full 28 day on field workout plan for WRs to improve their route running, releases and all the details of the WR position click below! It’s 28 days of workouts specifically made for WRs on the field with specific sets, reps and full speed examples. This will teach you everything you need to play/succeed at the next level, click below! ⬇️

Now the most common question we get asked from shorter receivers is how they can get off of press vs. bigger DBs. This is a very easy thing to do if you know what to do. A lot of guys think that they can just hand fight with a bigger guy, you will lose that battle 9/10 times. You need to set traps for a DB who is bigger. For example if you have a guy who looks like he is going to jam and be real physical, use a release like a step back release. It forces him to react off of you, if you step back and he lunges at least you created some space for yourself to work. If you step back and he stays square then you can work a move and get into the route. It’s all about forcing the DB to make a decision. He can either lunge at you or he can try to read your hips. For each one you need to have a plan. Now how this ties into recruiting is that at the next level, coaches are going to need WRs to stand out and create space. If you can’t get off of press, you can’t play at the next level. If you can’t get open as a smaller guy, you can’t play at the next level. As a short guy you need to do all the little details better than the big guys. And route running is how you can create that separation from another guy the school is recruiting who may be bigger than you.

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