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How To Know If It’s A “FAKE OFFER”

Below we will be talking about how to know if a scholarship offer is real or “fake”. I hope this clears up a lot of the questions you have on the recruiting process! 


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Okay so some of you might be thinking “how does this kid have this many offers” or “how does he have a D1 scholarship as a freshman”. And more often than not, it’s a “fake offer” or a “non committable offer”. Literally any college coach can say “we want to offer you a spot on our team”. But if that offer is over the phone, there is no piece of paper that says “official offer” etc. more often than not, it’s a non committable. If you are in a situation where a coach says “we would like to offer you” please ask him if it’s a committable offer. If he tells you “we need to get you out to a camp first” or “come down to our school and meet the staff” he is BSing you. You might be a really good player but that “offer” doesn’t mean anything. 99% of the time a school that will offer you, looks you in the eye and shakes you/your parents hand and offers you an official scholarship. If he doesn’t, that means you probably shouldn’t post it on Twitter and brag about it. Yes it’s nice to receive recognition but I’m gonna tell you this too… you can’t receive a legit committable offer until you are a junior. So when you see 8th graders getting offers- just know that you shouldn’t be discouraged by this. And some of the kids who receive these “offers” might be insanely talented, but anybody can say anything. I can also say “I’m going to give you a million dollars tomorrow” and then not give it to you. Just like an assistant college coach can say “we want to offer you” and then when you become a junior that “offer” is no longer there. Don’t buy into the hype. Stay in your lane and focus on developing/being the best football player you can be. 99% of all the recruiting nonsense you see out there is all hype and hype is a distraction.

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