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WRs who need to gain weight need to do a few things in order to accomplish this. If you need to gain weight you need to increase your calorie count, increase the protein you are consuming and lift correctly in the gym. It is all about being in a calorie surplus. AKA eating more calories than you burn. This is something that you need to track if you are serious about gaining weight. I have friends who went to colleges where the strength coach would make them eat 2 plates of food with each meal. Instead of having 3 eggs, potatoes and a banana for breakfast, they would have 6 eggs, 2 portions of potatoes and 2 bananas. Simply because of this calorie surplus principle. Secondly, to build healthy weight, you need to consume .8- 1G of protein per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 180lbs you should consume 160-180G of protein per day. This will help your muscles repair quicker and it will help you build lean muscle mass. Now, last but not least, you need to lift correctly in the gym. You should be doing low rep sets in the 3-8 rep range with perfect form to build mass. Lifting heavier will put weight on you, lifting heavier with crappy form will only add strength. So make sure your form is perfect in whatever you are doing but try to lift on the heavier side. This also will help with explosiveness, doing high rep exercises with light weight will only build your slow twitch muscle fibers. Those are fibers you hardly used in football and you hardly see those in thicker, muscular people. To maintain your skills in this weight gain process you also need to be training correctly on the field. You need to be doing drills that will help you maintain your explosives, speed, flexibility and overall route running. You cannot lose these skills if you are trying to build muscle. If you want 4 weeks of specific workouts that you can do on the field to be a better WR click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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