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How WRs Can Stand Out On Film

How you can stand out from your competition at WR is by doing the following two things, running great routes is the first thing I want to discuss. There are so many high school receivers who just skate by simply because they are faster than the next guy. Or just bigger/more physical. But in high school if you really want to stand out to your coaches or stand out on film you should become a great route runner with a high football IQ. So many guys don’t know what it actually means to be a great route runner. They can work all the techniques during drills but when it comes to a game they freeze up. That’s what you want to avoid, be able to execute releases and moves on your route in game, and know when to actually do them. Secondly catching Eveything is gonna separate you from all receivers on your team. Make a deal with yourself that you won’t drop a ball and watch your play time go up, nothing worse than a receiver who can’t finish the play. Make sure you are the guy who finishes every play and does not drop any easy ones. Also being able to win those 50/50 balls and those tough catches in traffic is essential to keep you on the field. If you struggle with your hands and need them to get better check out the link below for a full 30 day catching program! We offer an alternative plan as well for those who don’t have a QB to throw to them 7 days per week or if you are restricted to your house. Checkout some info below! ⬇️⬇️

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