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Pros & Cons Of 7on7

7on7 is one of the most heavily publicized elements of the off season and there are some things you need to know when deciding to play and choosing a team. I hope this can help you out!

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The Pros:

The positive elements of 7on7 are the off season reps against live competition obviously & it can be talented competition. Notice how I did not say exposure or it will get you recruited… that’s the common mistake that a lot of guys make with 7on7. I’m going to tell you this right now, college coaches could care less about 7on7. It’s not in full pads, there is no run game usually and it’s just not the most real version of football. There are a lot of guys out there who are 7on7 warriors. They wear the pit viper sunglasses, the soccer socks etc. but when the pads come on they all of a sudden vanish. And that’s why college coaches don’t put any emphasis on 7on7. So, I’m not saying 7on7 is bad- I’m saying know what you’re getting into. If you’re a guy who needs live game reps and wants to be a better skill player, 7on7 can be great for you. But if you’re playing 7on7 to get exposure, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. 

The Cons:

The main problem I see with 7on7 is a lack of realistic coaching and playing. You get a lot of 7on7 coaches who will do anything to make a quick dollar. So they think “hey I should start a 7on7 team”. But they have little to no experience coaching any type of skill position, maybe they played but anybody can draw up a play on a card and say “go run it”. So as a player you can fall into a lot of bad habits with this. My personal favorite is the QB who takes a 1 step drop and just sits there right next to the snapping tee. That’s the MOST fake way of playing football there is. This is horrible for your actual game. You will get DBs that hold every play or jam every play because there is no threat of a run game etc. It can just turn into something very fake. Also, with club 7on7 teams- you end up playing with guys who aren't even on your high school team… this just builds pointless chemistry. Make sure you are aware of these things when it comes to 7on7 this off season. Play 7on7 to get better and make sure you are practicing good habits- don’t play for the hype. 

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