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The BIGGEST SCAM In High School Football

Below, we will be discussing the biggest scam in high school football… fake offers. I hope this can help you out and help you avoid discouragement when you see other players get offers that don’t make any sense. 

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Okay so, I’m sure all of you have seen underclassmen like sophomores, freshman and even 8th graders receive “offers”. Now anything you see before the summer before your junior year is technically a “fake” offer. It’s considered a non-committable offer. Legally, you cannot receive a committable offer before the summer going into your junior year. So these universities who give out these “offers” do not have to hold up their end of the agreement. It’s a verbal offer, so it means absolutely nothing. When you receive a real offer- the coach will usually shake your hand in person, sometimes give you a piece of paper that says “real offer” and he will tell you that it’s a committable offer. Now, some of the kids who receive these offers early, they call it “early recruitment”, are very very talented. Probably extremely talented and freak athletes. They are very deserving of the recognition and will probably receive committable offers the day they are aloud to. But, we have all seen guys receive “offers” who really don’t deserve them. And I’m not trying to bag on the kids who get them, I blame the schools. But I write this to make sure you are not discouraged by these types of “offers”. A lot of kids will get pissed, get depressed and not want to continue grinding it out when they see other players start getting a little “exposure”. You need to know that not everything in life is what you see on Twitter. I didn’t know this until a year ago, but you can actually pay an assistant at a college coach for an offer. Yeah, that’s a true thing. You can pay anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 for a verbal offer. Their hope is that another school will see that and start recruiting you to compete with the original school that offered you. And yes people actually pay that. Usually really rich parents who live vicariously through their kids. Most of the time, assistant coaches don’t even have the power to give out an offer. So why am I telling you this? Again, it’s so you don’t get discouraged and don’t believe everything you see or read. Stay in your own lane. Who cares if this player received xyz offer. Good for him, whether it’s fake or not. That doesn’t mean you have zero chances of getting recruited. There is plenty to go around. The best football players will play at the next level. Period. And the film doesn't lie. The problem with this fake offer mess is that eventually you have to back it up on the field. And a college WILL NOT give you  a legitimate offer without varsity film. College level varsity film. Now I know all of you probably know someone who knows someone who has an offer and he’s only played freshman ball- ask him if it’s committable… guarantee you it’s not. And if he tells you it is, legally, he’s lying to you. Guys, the recruiting world is a very dirty game. You want to do things the right way. I know a coach in Southern California, I won’t name any names but he’s a fairly popular guy, he charges his clients $5,000 up front…he uses that money to pay assistant college coaches he knows….they will then proceed to “offer” his QBs that he trains. So the parents of the kids think “wow this is great, I love this guy”. Then when signing day rolls around and nobody wants to sign their son, they have to play junior college ball. It’s a total scam- please don’t fall for it. When you see young guys getting “offers” like that, it’s all about who you know. If you don’t know anybody like that yet, don’t worry. Your time will come if you continue to work and grind.

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