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Tips For Shorter WRs Against Press

How shorter WRs can beat a bigger guy on press is by doing the following: understanding range and having a plan. If you can understand what range is and what the DB is trying to accomplish you will be able to gain separation. Using a release like a hesitation slide or a slide release on routes like a slant or fade (those are the only two for the slide) you can put DB in a position where he either has to shuffle with you, or try to attack to get hands. Then that’s when we execute our plan. By plan I mean having a plan with your hands, knowing that if it’s man coverage the DB will most likely jam with his outside arm unless it’s a situation where he has help to the inside he will most likely go with 2 hands or really play the fade. So we need to understand how we can beat that. You also need a plan for your feet, if you come up to the line and are scrambling for a release to use, you are not well prepared. A list should drop from your head based on what the DB is going to do, and that process should happen fast. If you struggle with this and want to know ALL the releases you can use to get off press, check out the link below to get access to a video where we breakdown every single release to use, when to use it, and game film examples of the exact release so you can study how to beat press effectively. Click below! ⬇️⬇️

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