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What Causes WR Knee Injuries

A lot of WRs can injure themselves by doing these common 2 mistakes. Number 1- cutting outside of their frame. So, WRs are constantly taught to play fast and to not slow down. This can lead to many problems if you do not have the correct technique. Every route needs to look like a fade and you need to break explosively. But that is much easier said than done. A lot of WRs are so concerned with getting out of their breaks fast that their body leaves the break before they even get their foot down to cut. If you are striking the ground with your foot and it is outside of your shoulders to the point where you have to reach, you put a lot pressure on your knees and ankles. And this lead to injury. So make sure you commit your hips and shoulders to each break. Don’t start to round and do not reach with your cuts. Keep everything inside your frame.

The second reason WRs can hurt their knee is because of low ankle/knee stability. So this is essential to how you absorb force into your body. When you make a cut, you have to be able to absorb the force the ground creates. Guys can’t do this if they have weak ankles and knees. You need to be doing specific field work and gym work to build these aspects of your game. 1 legged drills, cutting drills in a short space, emphasizing good form etc. if you guys would like a 4 week workout schedule with over 100+ WR on field drills to help with ankle and knee stability, checkout the link below! We also give the exact sets/reps for each drill and show a video example of each drill ⬇️⬇️

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