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What Muscle Groups WRs Should Train

The main things that WRs need to emphasize in the gym are legs, core/hips, and grip. Now what are some specific exercises that you can do for those muscle groups and why are those important? Your legs are essential to help you with cutting. If you don’t have strong legs and strong glutes it is very hard to make explosive cuts. For example a speed cut on a 10yd out route is very tough on your legs if they aren’t stable. Get in a squat rack and focus on doing lunges often. This will help you absorb force and create more power with your lower half. Secondly, why is your core important? Core helps you with speed, balance and obviously explosiveness. Those are 3 specific things that ALL WRs need to play at the next level. Your core must be strong in order to make tough catches over the middle and to help with blocking. Any core exercise will help with this. And last but not least grip strength is essential for WRs to help with catching. If you want to be an ELITE pass catcher, you need a strong grip. Finger tip push ups and farmers carry are 2 essential exercises to build a strong grip.

Now you shouldn’t only be doing work in the gym as a WR, you need to be doing the correct exercises on the field that are game realistic! If you want a 4 week on field WR workout schedule with a video breaking down each drill in the schedule checkout the link below!

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