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WR Reading Defenses Quiz

This is going to be a quiz to challenge WRs knowledge on coverages and how you can recognize different defenses. Answers will be located at the bottom, I hope this helps!

Question 1) True or False, the number of safeties determines what kind of coverage it is going to be?

Question 2) From the outside wide receiver perspective, if a DB is outside shade and there is one safety over the middle, does that mean it is zone coverage?

Question 3) In cover 2, what leverage will a DB be playing you if he is in press. You are the outside WR on the middle of the numbers.

If you guys would like a 35 minute video on how WRs can read defenses and choose when to use certain press releases, moves at the top of the route and more… checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Answer 1) False, if there is 1 safety that can mean a couple of different things. The common mistake people make is that they think that “oh there is 1 safety that means it is cover 1”. That could be cover 1, cover 3, cover 1 robber etc. A common mistake people make with 2 safeties is that they assume “it is cover … 2 safeties.” That is also wrong, it could be cover 2,4,6 etc. There is more to reading a defense than just the safeties and WRs need to understand that especially. The number of the coverage 1,2,3,4 etc. is based on how many zones are covered. If it’s Cover 4, 4 deep zones are taken by the two corners and two safeties. If it’s cover 1 that’s man coverage but the 1 safety is the deep help.