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WR Route Running Quiz

How well do you know route running? Below we are going to give you a 3 question test on WR pre snap looks and how you would structure your routes against those looks. The answers will be located at the bottom of this article! Hope this helps.

Question 1)- Inside shade DB 2-3yds off how would you run a slant?

Question 2)- Outside Shade DB 2-3 yds off, how would you run a corner route?

Question 3)- Zone Coverage DB, 7-8yds off facing the QB directly in line with you, how would you run a fade route?

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Answer 1) If you said run a Diamond release or attack outside you would only be half correct. The key here is that the DB is 2-3yds off. So if you just go straight to the outside there is way too much space between the two of you to where he can recover, even if we get him to bite on the fake. So you would want to attack his leverage first, close the gap, then work back to the outside on a Diamond.

Answer 2)- DB is outside shade 2-3yds off for a reason. He is expecting an outside route and has inside help. So if you have to run a corner and you said fake him inside then take the outside release, you would be wrong. You would want to attack his leverage outside to widen him. When he’s outside shade, he WILL NOT Give up the outside route. Then take the inside release to get back to your “line”. You can either work to re stack or throw by if the DB is playing it well.

Answer 3)- If you have a DB In zone like this, your answer should always be close the distance, step on his toes than threaten inside. If you said attack blind spot you would be wrong. You don’t want to just run to the blind spot right away. He’s going to widen and squeeze you to the sideline. You want to threaten him inside so you can slip back out.

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