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You Arent Making Enough Noise

If you don’t have people constantly criticizing you, ridiculing you, or judging you... you arent being loud enough. When you are going after something, you should strive for that. Let that be your fuel, don’t stay in your comfort zone. That’s what too many guys do. They are afraid to go take a chance just because of what others might say or they don’t want to fail publicly. Who cares what anybody else says or does. You weren’t put on this earth to just go through the motions. Whatever eats at you everyday and fires you up, go after it. I want to be the best damn football coach in the world, and you know how many people talk crap saying “I’m too young” or “not credible” and I love that. I get up everyday to prove those people wrong. I want to thank them. It’s just more fuel to the fire. Take control of whatever you want and say f*ck everyone else. If you do that, and everyday you constantly fuel the fire of your drive, you will be successful.

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