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Average Weight Of WRs Based On Their Height

Below we will be discussing the average weight you should be to play WR at a college level based on your height. This is a common question we get asked and I hope this can help!

Also, if you play WR and would like a 2 month daily workout schedule to follow, checkout the link below! We give you 8 weeks of field route running workouts (sets & reps/video examples included), 8 weeks of WR specific gym workouts (sets/reps/examples includes) and a 1 Month speed development workout plan to do. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Before we list some averages (if you’d like to see these numbers for yourself, go to and type in “Alabama football roster” or whatever team you’d like to search up and the info is right there. This is how we were able to obtain this info.) I would like to explain to you guys that the exact number you weigh does not matter. Guys, college coaches are not recruiting bodybuilders. If you weigh 177lbs and not 185lbs… 8lbs is not going to make any difference in if the recruit you or not. As a WR you want to be as heavy as possible while still maintaining athleticism. We should shoot for a low body fat % and to weigh as much as we can. Remain athletic.

5’8-5’10: Average Weight- 175-200lbs

5’11-6’1: Average Weight- 185-215lbs

6’2-6’5: Average Weight- 190-225lbs

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