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Finger Tip Push Ups ( 3x15 reps)

(Can do these kneeling if too painful)

Superset with

Dumbbell Farmers Carry (3x40yds)

1 minute rest between sets 

If you guys also would like a daily training schedule to follow for on field drills that QBs & WRs can do, checkout the link below! We give you 100+ drills over the course of 28 days and we map out the exact sets/reps to do & give you video examples of each drill.


Plate Flips (flip a Weighted plate end over end and then catch it) (3 sets of 12 reps reach hand)

Superset with 

Finger Tip Push Up Plank (no kneeling in this)

(3 sets of 1-2 minute hold)

1 minute 30 seconds rest in between sets. 

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