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How To Run Better Curls and Comebacks

How you can run a faster 45 degree break or better known as a curl or a comeback is by doing the following... violent hips, run your arms and bring your chin to your knee. When you are running either one of these routes you can’t slow down into the break. That’s not how you decelerate. You want to use your hips to decelerate yourself. Your hip drop is what will bring you to a halt after selling vertical. If you’re not running full speed your hip drop will not work. The hip drop is to get you in and out of a break but also give you explosion and energy at the top of the route. When you snap down like that you don’t want to lean back and turn. Bring your chin to your knee so you can run in and run out of the break, if you lean back and try to turn you will lose all the explosion generated from your hips. Lastly, your arm drive will get you out of the break efficiently. If you constantly are running your arms and not beating the drum you will keep the same natural speed out of the break that you had into the break. Run your arms out to get you back on the 45 degree angle. If you want more technical tips on each route checkout our route tree booklet below, we give you the exact technique we teach on each route on the tree plus the advanced ones that you can’t learn from a basic route tree diagram. Click the link below to see more info! ⬇️⬇️

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